Finding the Right Nanny

You will know that you have found the right candidate when you speak with her on the phone and in person, and see how she responds to your children in a first meeting. At My Russian Nanny we give you all the necessary tools to get to that first meeting. Our powerful, Web-based system puts the power of a nanny agency into your hands, helping you to narrow the field so that you are interviewing only viable candidates who are a good fit. Additionally, you will be able to screen candidates according to your job criteria, such as whether you are seeking a live-in or live-out, full or part time, temporary or permanent nanny

At My Russian Nanny you will find a range of experience levels. Some have never worked as a nanny, but perhaps have taken early childhood development classes or have had lots of exposure to children from being a babysitter, parent or grandparent, while others are seasoned professionals who require little to no training. Try to match your expectations with the following considerations: the salary you are offering, whether or not there is a stay-at-home parent, age and number of children, and how many hours per day or week the nanny will be alone with your children.

Whether you use a traditional agency or find a nanny online, your best tool is always your intuition. If you and the nanny instinctively feel comfortable around each other, you are likely to have the best fit for your family.


There are costs associated with finding a nanny, and of course you will pay a regular salary once you have hired her.

Nanny salaries vary according to experience level and the cost of living in your area. Ask around to see what the going rate is in your area. You will find that many parents are willing to share advice and tips with you.